Hughes Map and Book of Guilford Co. NC


Hughes Guilford County Map 1790 is a detailed map of roads, houses, and creeks.  The book included is an index and historical information discovered during editor Fred Hughes research. Our best seller.


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The Guilford County map 1790 positions land-owners, mills, schools, churches, roads, rivers & streams and many other features as they existed prior to 1800. The book explores a wide range of historical matters Mr. Hughes encountered as research on the map proceeded. Invaluable. And fun! Map is 23″ x 35″ and printed on heavy white paper in 3 colors, folded for mailing. The book is 137+ pages. Softcover. Maps and illustrations. Sections include NC colony settlement, formation of Guilford County, Revolutionary War, Quakers, gold mining, Nicholites, gunsmiths, and politics.  Our best seller.

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