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Journal Index and Table of Contents

‚ÄčOur 169 journals have over 12,000 pages of research and 185,000 name entries gathered by our members over our forty-five years of publication.  The journals are also in the Members Only Section on this website.  Be a member for $20 annually. 

TO SEARCH A PDF FILE, Press <ctrl> and <F> keys simultaneously.

Our journal index is divided in two sections.

Journals 1-50 and 88+ are combined in the alphabetical sections below.

A and No Last Name . B Index . C Index . D-F Index . G Index . H-I Index

. J-L Index . M-O Index . P-R Index . S Index . T-V Index . W-Z Index

Journals 51-87 are scanned but will take more work to merge into the above indexes. The journals’ index were scanned into one pdf file and in journal order. “Control F” will pick up about 90% due to the quality of scanned print.


Journals are at Greensboro and High Point Libraries.  All journals are also acessable on this website by members using their user name and password.

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