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Vol. 18, No. 1, Fall 1990 (Issue No. 51)

Guilford County Orders for Apprenticeship; Manpower of High Point Twp. 1918; Dr. Crouse's Record 1909; Stanleys Deal with Smallpox; Boon-Ingle Bible Records; Carnahan Bible Records; Names & Naming Patterns; Carnahan Family; Charter Members of the GGGS.

Vol. 18, No. 2, Winter 1991 (Issue No. 52)

Guilford County Orders of Apprenticeship; Petition of Inhabitants of Guilford County; Frederick Smith Family; English Surnames; Voter Registration 1901 Jefferson Twp.; Mt. Pleasant U. Methodist Church History & Cemetery; Phibbs Grave at Friendship U. Methodist Church; Shady Grove Methodist Protestant Church History & Cemetery.

Vol. 18, No. 3, Spring 1991 (Issue No. 53)

Land for Sale; Manpower of High Point Twp. 1918; Guilford County Orders for Apprenticeship; Guilford County Estate Papers, Pt. 4 (Pe-Z); German & Swiss Surnames; Sherwood Family; Voter Registration 1902; Friendship Twp.; Hickory Grove U. Methodist Church History & Cemetery.

Vol. 18, No. 4, Summer 1991 (Issue No. 54)

Guilford County Orders for Apprenticeship; Occupations as Shown in Indentures; Tubal Albright Clapp Bible Records; Peter Conway's Citizenship; Voter Registration 1902: Washington Twp.; Battle at Wetzell's Mill; Frazier-Hodson Intertwinings; American Quaker Records; Bibliography; Using a Time Line; Sampson Wood Revolutionary Soldier; E.F. Craven, The Road Machinery Man; Richard/Jacob Hickman, Revolutionary Soldier; William Fitzgerald/Jarrel; High Point Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery.

Vol. 19, No. 1, Fall 1991 (Issue No. 55)

Voter Registration 1902: Oak Ridge Twp.; Oak Ridge Institute; From the Greensboro Patriot 1826-1829; Some Curry Descendants; Revolutionary Pensions; Maxwell & Phibbs Families, Pt. 1; Where There's A Will; List of Insolvents 1830; Holder Brothers Reunited; Reviews. Fillers: Louis Round Wilson Library; Scott Burials.

Vol. 19, No. 2, Winter 1992 (Issue No. 56)

From the Greensborough Patriot 1829; Voter Registration 1902: Greene Twp.; Revolutionary Pensions: Solomon Sullivan; Maxwell & Phibbs Families, Pt. 2; Ai Methodist Memorial Cemetery & Fairview Primitive Baptist Cemetery; Ai Methodist Protestant Church History; Researching Militia Records; Fillers: Military Records Files; William Goodrich Apprentice; Correction; Coble.

Vol. 19, No. 3, Spring 1992 (Issue No. 57)

Voter Registration 1902; Gilmer Twp.; John Tate Store Accounts 1772-1778; A Hubbard Family; Researching Court Minutes; Revolutionary Pension Applications; Midway Presbyterian Church History & Cemetery; Chipman Bible Records; Our Readers Comment. Fillers: Two Signature Quilts; Presbyterian Church Cemetery; Suspended Pension Claims; Richland Creek Library Society; Quaint Epitaphs.

Vol. 19, No. 4, Summer 1992 (Issue No. 58)

From the Greensboro Patriot 1829-1830; Voter Registration 1902 High Point Twp., Pt. 1; Locations of Quaker Records; An 1800 Letter; Our Readers Comment; Wilson & Related Land Entries; Guilford County Surveyor Reports; Researching Estate Papers; Hickory Chapel Wesleyan Church History & Cemetery; Fillers: Friends Historical Collection; Abstracts of Land Entrys; Museum of Old Domestic Life.

Vol. 20, No. 1, Fall 1993 (Issue No. 59)

Voter Registration 1902, High Point Twp., Pt. 2; Guilford County Surveyor Reports; From the Greensborough Patriot 1832; Causey-Woodburn Bible Records; Private Register of Rev. J.D. Andrew : Baptisms; Reynolds-Hockett Genealogy; Guilford County Court Minutes 1781-2; Ranson Pettiford's Freedom Papers; George Twiford's Revolutionary Pension; Gilbreath Letters; Moriah Methodist Church History & Cemetery; Reviews. Fillers: Maps; Correction; Clemmons Hargrave Marriage; Church Record Notices.

Vol. 20, No. 2, Winter 1993 (Issue No. 60)

Guilford County Surveyor Reports; From the Greensborough Patriot 1832; Revolutionary Pensions: Summers & Jackson; Ross Chronologies; Researching Bastardy Bonds; Our Readers Comment; Field Family, Pt. 1; Voter Registration 1902, Summerfield Twp.; Old Hopewell has Long History; Hopewell Wesleyan Church (former Friends) Cemetery. Fillers: Notices from Our Church Record: Correction; An Early Court Action; Children of Humphrey & Jane Lloyd.

Vol. 20, No. 3, Spring 1993 (Issue No. 61)

Farrington-Taylor Genealogy; Our Readers Comment; Guilford County Surveyor Reports; Young-Hicks Bible Records; From the Greensborough Patriot 1832-3; Private Register of Rev. Andrew: Funerals; Mrs. Mary Craven Obituary; Revolutionary Pension Application: McGibboney; Voter Registration 1902: Clay Twp.; Field Family, Pt. 2; Researching Marriage Bonds; Shoffner-Bream & Cridlebaugh Graveyards; Tombstone Surveys Published; Reviews. Fillers: Guilford Goes Dry.

Vol. 20, No. 4, Summer 1993 (Issue No. 62)

List of Justices 1771; Uncompleted Land Grants, Guilford Co.; Division of Land; Voter Registration 1902: Madison Twp.; Guilford Co. Court Minutes 1782; Stanfield & Mendenhall Families: Private Register of Rev. Andrew: Marriages; Revolutionary Pension Applications; Our Readers Comment; Guilford & Alamance Men in the C.S.S. Navy; McLean-Fleming Bible Record; Reviews. Fillers: Obituary of Levina Lawrence; Why Can't They All Be Like This; From Guilford Co. to Missouri.

Vol. 21, No. 1, Fall 1993 (Issue No. 63)

Jamestown Voters 1902: Edna Potter Papers; Solomon Potter petition; Mendenhalls at Cumberland Gap; Vickrey U. Meth. Cemetery Survey & History; Old Shady Grove history; Researching marriage records; Greensborough Patriot, 1833-1834; Peter Summers family; County Court Minutes Aug. 1782-Nov. 1782; Divisions of Land; Reviews. Fillers: Old Union cemetery; Hugh Kirkpatrick will.

Vol. 21, No. 2, Winter 1994 (Issue No. 64)

Award of Excellence; Monroe Twp. Voters 1902; Guilford Co. roots in Ind.: Morgan Co. (Kidnapping Alfred Lamb), Hendricks Co., Washington Co., Randolph Co., Bradley Co., TN, TN, AL, TX; Readers Comment; Country Court Minutes Nov. 1782-Feb. 1783; Humphrey Lloyd descendants; Divisions of Land; Greensborough Patriot 1834; Reviews; 1993-4 Membership List. Fillers: William & Christian (Stone) Swaim marriage; Ownership of abandoned graveyards; H.E. Wilson appointed fifer.

Vol. 21, No. 3, Spring 1994 (Issue No. 65)

Greensborough Patriot 1834-5; Morehead Twp. Voters 1902; Researching Heredity; Greensboro 1808 (map); Waightsill Avery's Record of Fees; Elizabeth, wife of William Baldwin; Abandoned Slave Graveyard; County Court Minutes May 1783- Aug. 1783; Divisions of Land; Reviews. Fillers: Buffalo Presbyterian Church & Cemetery book; First Reformed Church organized in Greensboro; Guilford Co. medical Connections.

Vol. 21, No. 4, Summer 1994 (Issue No. 66)

Death of Peggy Lamb (poem); Robert Lamb pension application; Jeremiah Mills & Mills Family; Readers Comment; Divisions of Land; Fentress Twp. Voters 1902; County Court Minutes Nov. 1783-Feb. 1784; The Upping Block; Researching the 1900 Census; John W. Parker sale list & accounts; Reviews

 Vol. 22, No. 1, Fall 1994 (Issue No. 67)

Holt's Chapel Cemetery; Holt's Chapel Membership Lists; Holt's Chapel History; Nelson Kellam Family Bible; William Kerr Citizenship; Guilford Co. Court, Aug. Term 1784; Martha (Russum) & James B. Wilson Family; Rock Creek Twp. Voters 1902; Greensborough Patriot 1835-1839; Publications of the N.C.   Friends Historical Society; Reviews

Vol. 22, No. 2, Winter 1995 (Issue No. 68)

Divisions of Land; Regulators, He-McC; Fairfield U.M. Church Cemetery; Center Grove Twp. Voters 1902; Guilford Co. Court, Nov. Term 1784; Bible Records of Lambeth-Troxler, Stettler-Reihard, & Doggett- Lambeth; Pension Applications of Edward Millis, William Brown & Wiley Matthews; Jamestown Mendenhall Family; Catherine (Lewey) McLean Obituary; The Computer & I; Reviews.

Vol. 22, No. 3, Spring 1995 (Issue No. 69)

Regulators, McClewland - Scruggs; Hoggatt House sketch; John M. Login Naturalization; Name Changes: Stanly-Armfield, Black-Arrell; Guilford Co. Court, Feb. Term 1785; Revolutionary Pension of Wm.

Cunningham; Deep River Twp. Voters 1902; Starrett Family; Orange Co. Surveyor's Record; Greensborough Patriot 1839; Divisions of Land; Springwood Presbyterian Church Cemetery & History; Reviews.

Vol. 22, No. 4, Summer 1995 (Issue No. 70)

Denny Family; Revolutionary Service of Thomas McCuistin; Regulators Se - Z (concluded); Will of George Ingle; Sumner Twp. Voters 1902; Guilford Co. Court, May 1785; Declarations of Intent; St. James U.M. Church Cemetery;  Rankin-Ireland Cemetery; Divisions of  Land (concluded); Guilford Co.  Natives in Warren Co., OH; Name Change: Wall - Williams; Aaron Phips Certificate; 1766 Summons (Field); Reviews.

Vol. 22, No. 5, Fall 1995 (Issue No. 71)

Gunmakers of Jamestown; Guilford Co. Court August Term 1785; Psst! Wanna Buy Your Name?; Scott's School; Clapp's Chapel A.M.E. Church Cemetery & History; David & Mary A.E. (Underwood) Huffines Bible; Ricks Family; Estate of Samuel Hill; Greensborough Patriot, Jan.-June 1840; Voting Places in 1808; Taxable property in 1786; Reviews.

Vol. 23, No. 1, Winter 1996 (Issue No. 72)

Guilford Court Minutes, Nov. Term 1785; Bethel U. Methodist Church Tombstones & History; Rev. Pension of John Finley; Mary M. Huffins tombstone; Jonathan Causey Bible Records; Keck Ancestry of Maria Catharine (Keck) Clapp; Finding Granville Grants; All Families Have a Secret or Two; Contents of the Guilford Genealogist.; Reviews

Vol. 23, No. 2, Spring 1996 (Issue No. 73)

A Brief History of Brick Church; Sketch Map of Brick Church Graveyard; Brick United Church of Christ Tombstones; From the Greensborough Patriot July - Dec. 1840; Guilford Court Minutes Feb. Term 1786; Reviews.

Vol. 23, No. 3, Summer 1996 (Issue No. 74)

1820 Census of Guilford County; Manufacturing Establishments; Some Records Useful for Research.

Vol. 23, No. 4, Fall 1996 (Issue No. 75)

William Kerr of Maury Co. Tenn., son of Nathaniel Kerr of Guilford; McBride, Pore, Shipton, Jester & Hodson Bible Records; Guilford Court Minutes, May Term 1786; From the Greensborough Patriot, Jan. - June, 1841; A Fountainhead Family Tree; New Goshen United Methodist Church Tombstones & History; Poll Taxes; Abandoned Graveyard Near Whiterock Rd.; What Statutes Protect Cemeteries.; Reviews.