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Vol. 1, Nov. 1974 (Issue No. 1)

Guilford County 1808 (map); Orange Co. Account/Ledger Books; Book Notices; Pleasant Ridge U. Church of Christ Cemetery; Isley Family History with Concentration on Christian Isley; Guilford County Cemetery Records; North Carolina Counties.

Vol. 2, Spring 1975 (Issue No. 2)

McMichael-Weatherly-Lloyd Cabin; Printed Genealogies & Family Histories; Punishments in a N.C. School, 1848; N.C. Judicial Districts 1776-1790; Tithables, 1768, Taken by Thos. Donnell; Abandoned Church & Family Cemeteries in Guilford Co.; Additional Guilford County Cemetery Lists; My Ancestors; Charter Members, GCGS; Minimum Fees of Guilford County Bar 1869; William Hale White, 1912-1975.

​Vol. 3, Spring 1976 (Issue No. 3)

Board for Certification of Genealogists; Accounts of Estates; Granville's Southern Boundary Line; The Iddings Family; Unique Materials in the Elon College Library of Interest of Genealogical Researchers; N.C. State Grants to Swaim-Swain Families; Swaim Notes from Estates Files; 17th Century Colonial Dames Suggestions for Uniform Headstone Listings; Tombstone Inscriptions: Caffey-Moore-Bevill Burying  Ground, Hatton Cemetery, Moore Family Cemetery, Moore Burying Ground, Thacker-Moore Burying Ground; Genealogical Research & Records (with family group sheet); Veterans Records; Books.


Vol. 4, No. 1, Fall 1976 (Issue No. 4)

(Front Cover) The Potter House; 1860 Census; Interesting data in the 1850 N.C. Census; Martinville/Guilford Courthouse Plats; Early Country Churches of Guilford County; Pre-Revolutionary Land Grants, Rowan County; Researching Your Baptist Ancestors in N. C.; Genealogical Research Materials in the Greensboro Public Library; High Point Telephone Directory, 1900; Tips for Genealogical Researchers; Helpful Books; Alamance Presbyterian Church Cemetery; Orange Co., NC, 1752 (map).

Vol. 4, No. 2, Spring 1977 (Issue No. 5)

National Genealogical Society Publications; Tips for Genealogical Researchers; Some Early Guilford   County Marriage Bonds; A Guilford County Taxable List for Year 1849; Marriage Certificate of John White & Jane Wilson, Quakers; Lee's Chapel U. Methodist Church Cemetery; Guilford County Court Minutes;  Irish or Scotch?; Some Genealogical Books in Print; New Garden Meetinghouse, 1849 (sketch); Letter   from Benjamin Franklin Osborne, New Garden Boarding School 1856.


Vol. 5, No. 1, Spring 1978 (Issue No. 6)

Joseph Green Estate 1851; History of Rehobeth U. Methodist Church Cemetery & a Census of the Older Part; Weatherlys of Guilford Co.; Books Received; Vertical Files in the Greensboro Public Library (Local History); Notice (to persons with Quaker ancestry); Some Early Guilford County Marriage Bonds.

Vol. 5, No. 2, Fall 1978 (Issue No. 7)

Two Vickrey Brothers Go West; Trotter History; Bethlehem U. Methodist Church Cemetery; Books Received; Charles Hardin; More Books Received; Some Early Guilford County Marriage Bonds.

Vol. 6, No. 1, Spring 1979 (Issue No. 8)

The Floral Album of Mrs. Eugenia Hooker Albea; Marriage Certificate of Robert Hodson and Catherine Newby; Family Names on Which Members are Working; Black Jack School Register for Dec. 1887; Old Pomona Cemetery; Addenda to Family Burying Grounds, Mary Bundy and Husband John Albertson; Bethlehem U. Methodist Church Cemetery Records (Corrections); Gillis Family in the South; Some Early Guilford County Marriage Bonds.

Vol. 7, No. 1, Fall 1979 (Issue No. 9)

Letter to S.L. Steelman from J.S. Williams; Excerpts from Guilford County Guardian Bonds; A. Vickrey's Account - Lindsay Mine; Guilford County Court Minutes; Survey of Cemetery Records in N.C. Libraries; Letter to A. Vickery from J.S. Ragsdale; Identity of Margaret, wife of John Nix, Sr.; Guilford Co.

Apprentice Bonds (A); Apprentice Bond for Orphan Wm. F. Hendricks; Microfiche of N.C. Marriage Bonds; Guilford County Marriage Bonds (last of A, first of B); 1800 Guilford County census; Last Will & Testament of Herman Obelweiss.

Vol. 7, No. 2, Winter 1979-1980 (Issue No. 10)

Quaker Ancestors for Lincoln; Masonic & Eastern Star Home & Cemetery; Guilford County Apprentice Bonds & Papers 1817-1870 (all B); Joseph Armfield Family Bible Records; Doggerel; Accused Christian Fahl; Brief Sketch of Family of Thomas Woodburn & His Wife, Ann Forbis; Guilford County Marriage Bonds (B cont.); Henley Family Bible; Blair Family Bible; Marriage Certificate of I. Clarkson Blair & Cella M. Newlin.

​Vol. 7, No. 3, Spring 1980 (Issue No. 11)

Special N.C. Census Schedules; Muster Roll of the Guilford Militia; 1890 N.C. Census; Letter to Henry Heath & Cousins from John W. Heath; Hoggatt-Hockett Birth & Death Records; Sketch of the Family of Phillip Hoggatt & Wife, Mary Glendenning; Jesse Field Family Bible Records & Additional Information; "Census Day"; Guilford County Apprentice Bonds & Papers 1817-1870 (C); Indenture Paper for Mary Malicy Carter & Sara Jane Carter; Samuel Conrad Indentures His Son; Foreign Born Residents of Guilford Co. in 1850; Guilford Co. Marriage Bonds (B cont.); N.C. Boundaries 1663-1763.

Vol. 8, No. 1, Fall 1980 (Issue No. 12)

Guilford County Apprentice Bonds & Papers 1817-1870 (D,E,F);  1850  Guilford County  Mortality Schedule; Glossary of Medical Terms Used in 1850 Census of Deaths; Guilford County Marriage Bonds (B cont.); Apple's Chapel U. Church of Christ; William Hockett's Account Book; Family of Jesse Field; Letter   to James & Hannah McCuiston from John & Dicey Kellam; How to Increase Your Chances when Seeking Genealogical Data.

​Vol. 8, No. 2, Winter 1981 (Issue No. 13)

Bugler Gillies; Some Homespun Heroines; Letter from Calvin Cowgill to Ella; 1860 Guilford County Mortality Schedule; Jamestown Academy Exhibition Program; Guilford County Apprentice Bonds & Papers 1817-1870 (G, H); Letter from John Hiatt to His Sons Philander & Thomas; Records of W. J. Armfield; Jefferson Davis Spent Night Near City; Crouch Family Bible Records; Guilford County Marriage Bonds (end B); Old Newspapers on Microfilm, Jackson Library, UNC-G.

Vol. 8, No. 3, Spring 1981 (Issue No. 14)

Browntown & Its People; Membership Roll of Abbotts Creek Baptist Meeting House; 1870 Guilford  County Mortality Schedule; Importance of Land Records &  Mapping In Genealogical  Research;  Song Balet Riten by Mr. T.W. Ledbetter; Enoch Stephen's Receipt for Carolina Patriot; Letter from D.A. Montgomery to His Children; Guilford County Apprentice Bonds & Papers 1817-1870 (I,J,K); Hargraves of Guilford County 1767-1810; A.L. Vickrey's Note on M.M. McFarland; Deed from Neoma Stephens to  Enoch Stephens; Letter from George Stevens to Enoch Stevens et al; Bible Records of David Brown & His Wife, Jane Ross.

Vol. 9, No. 1, Fall 1981 (Issue No. 15)

Guilford County Apprentice Bonds & Papers 1817-1870 (L,Mc,M); Guilford County Marriage Bond "Goodies"; North Carolinians Buried in Independence, Arkansas; Will of Peter Field; Peter Field's Estate Papers; Hedgecock Gravestone; Genealogie a la Papier Filet; Account Book of William Hockett; Land Ownership in Guilford County at the Time of the Revolution; Some 1828 Guilford County Tax Receipts; Jamestown Female College; Record of Sixty-Three Deaths; W.R. McCuiston Bible Records; My Puppy Love Days; Names of the Ladies at New Garden Boarding School, 56th Session; Names of the Boys at New Garden Boarding School, 56th Session; How to Preserve a Favorite News Clipping.

Vol. 9, No. 2, Winter 1982 (Issue No. 16)

Matrimonial Register of Dr. G. William Welker; William Shelley's 1828 Receipt; 1880 Guilford County Mortality Schedule; Guilford Co. Maps; Guilford County Apprentice Bonds & Papers 1817-1870 (N, O, P); Diary of Sarah Spurgin's Trip to Missouri 1848; Claims Against the Southern Railway Co.; War; C.H.  Willson Family Gravestones; Court Costs in the early 1900s; Jonathan Cox Household 1870 Census;   Sketch of Andrew Family in Guilford County; The Jobe Family; Wilkes Co., GA, Deed.

Vol. 9, No. 3, Spring 1982 (Issue No. 17)

Hacketts of Dorchester Co., Md. & Guilford County, NC; J.R. Gordon's Letter to his Cousin Cyrus Gordon; Guilford County Apprentice Bonds & Papers 1817-1870 (Q, R); Cornwallis in Guilford County 1781;  William Whitesell  Bible Records; Mary  Coltrane Passes Away; On Going to Aunt Mary's Funeral;  Creditors of Abner S. Holton, Bankrupt; Sarah Cranor's Will; Richard Crouch, Sr. Deed to Richard Crouch, Jr., et al; W.H. Thompson's J.P. Docket Book; W. B. Vanderford & C.H. Willson's Account Book: Creditors;

C.H. Willson's Account Book: Prices of Items; Letter from Courtney Koppenstein to his Sister Marguerite; Mrs. Hannah Armfield, Age 94; Tangled Estate of Jonas Touchstone.

Vol. 9, No. 4, Summer 1982 (Issue No. 18)

Dr. George W. Welker's Record of Confirmations; Guilford County Apprentice Bonds & Papers 1817-1870 (S); Manlove Family; George Manlove's Diary; Letter from William Manlove to John & George Manlove; Deep River Graveyard; Donnell & Woodburn Family Bible Records; An Old Story Retold.

Vol. 10, No. 1, Fall 1982 (Issue No. 19)

Dr. George W. Welker's Record of Burials Conducted; Guilford County Apprentice Bonds & Papers 1817- 1870 (T, U, V); Susanny Taylor's Apprentice Bond; Guilford County Court Martial Minutes 1806- 1852; Getting Started in Genealogy; Green Hill Cemetery, Greensboro: Pauper's Field; Maplewood Cemetery, Greensboro: Pauper's Field.

Vol. 10, No. 2, Winter 1983 (Issue No. 20)

Dover Friends Meeting; Dover Friends Cemetery; Poor House; 1850 Guilford County Census; Guilford County Apprentice Bonds & Papers 1817- 1870 (W, Y, misc); Trials & Hardships of Apprentices & Masters; Nancy Shoup's Allotment of Alimony; Signatures in the Autograph Book of Mary Annie Bales; Newsletters of Interest to Guilford County Families; William Calvin Donnell Bible Records; John Wharton Family Bible Records; James K. Donnell Bible Records; Lebanon Methodist Church Sunday School Minutes 1882- 1890; Letter & Poem from the Far West; Story of Murder of Martha Pinnix; Slaying of Martha Pennix.   

Vol. 10, No. 3, Spring 1983 (Issue No. 21)

Red Hill Methodist Protestant Church; Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Cemetery (formerly Red Hill M.P.); Abstracts of Guilford County Lunacy Papers 1837-1741; Delitha Brinsfield Has Her Day in Court; Estate Sale of Dr. John Vanstory; Early Settlers in Guilford & Their Enduring Influence; Old Jamestown Again; Election Ticket 1900; Guilford County Apprentice Bonds & Papers 1817-1870 (no surnames); Press of Guilford County; Lyndon Swaim 1812-1893.


Vol. 10, No. 4, Summer 1983 (Issue No.  22)

North Carolinians in Clark Co., IL 1850; Witt Family of Guilford County; Which Body is Yours?; Letter from James Paschal Case to His Brother Nathan Case; William Beal's Marriage Bond; Bench & Bar of Guilford County; Archibald D. Murphy; John Ross Family of Guilford County; Thomas & Nancy (Rankin) Donnell Bible Records; Clarkson Tomlinson's Will; Letters from J.D. & Mary Annie (Bales) Garrett to Her Father, John Wanamaker Bales in IL; 1885 Bruce Twp. Tax Records; 1885 Oak Ridge Twp. Tax Records.

Vol. 11, No. 1, Fall 1983 (Issue No. 23)

Dr. George W. Welker's Baptismal Records; Brown & Related Families; Granville & McCulloh; List of Unlisted Property Polls for 1842, 1843, 1844; Improper Charges of Property Polls for 1844; Guilford County Insolvents Returned to Court 1844; List of Merchants, Retailers of Spirituous Liquors; Masonic Museum; Daniel Cain Family Bible; Guil Co. Families Settled Prior to 1835 Henry & Wayne Co., IN; Clark vs. King; Reviews.

Vol. 11, No. 2, Winter 1984 (Issue No. 24)

Guilford County Divorce Papers; Clapp Divorce Papers; Nicholites of Jamestown & Deep River; Another Look at the Nicholites; Guilford County Residents Named in Dorchester Co., Md. Deeds; 1885 Deep River Twp. Tax Records; 1885 Oak Ridge Twp. Tax Records; John Shelley Descendants; Portraits of Limners, Guilford County 1820s; David V. Henley Family Bible; Reviews; Brown Genealogy Addendum; Book Brochures; 1880 Guilford Twp. Map.

Vol. 11, No. 3, Spring 1984 (Issue No. 25)

Guilford County Divorce Papers; Peter Smith Family; 1886 Summerfield Twp. Tax Records; 1880 Guilford Twp Map; 1886 Deep River Twp. Tax Records; History Helps; Cruel Treatment & Intended Death of N.T. Perkins; Alfred Roberson Bible Records; Guilford Courthouse Museum; Reviews; Potter's Field, High  Point, NC.